Cirque du Soleil – Middle School Dance

Last Friday Feb. 8th STUCO from Middle School organized a Carnival/Cirque du Soleil themed dance for their classmates. The main goal with this event is to offer our students a fun activity helping them bond with their peers from the three grade levels. This “Cirque du Soleil Night” dance took place on campus. Most of the boys asked girls to be their dates for the dance and even bought them corsages to wear that day. All the students were very excited about attending the dance. During the event awards were given to students to commend them a particular skill. As last year, all Middle School students were previously asked to vote for the classmates they thought was the best for each category. Students spent the evening dancing, laughing, and taking a lot of pictures with their classmates and with the mask that greeted them as they walked along into the party. It was an amazing event, which definitely created memories that will last for a lifetime.

 Once again STUCO exceeded their Advisor’s expectations by having an amazing event that has become an annual event for our section.

 Ms. Lula García


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