Thank you for your interest in supporting ATS.

Each year brings new and exciting changes, which will help us define the future of ATS. It is up to each of us to decide how we will meet these challenges, and what our role will be in ensuring the future of The American School of Tampico.
As a non-profit, ATS operates on a break-even budget. We provide our future students with high standard learning spaces, necessary for a world-class education.

ATS is committed to developing the intellectual, physical and moral potential of its students and our efforts to keep tuition increases to a minimum depend on success in our fundraising efforts.

Donations may be made to the following programs.

There are many ways to make significant investments in The American School of Tampico.

For more information about contributing to ATS current school year, please contact:
Leticia Perez,
Director General
(833) 227 20 84 ext. 154

When alumni give, it also shows gratitude for their ATS education and experience. Alumni donations mark a difference in current students who benefit in the near future.