Here are some suggestions on how to use the SALC to practice and learn languages.

SALC - Here are some suggestions on how to use the SALC to practice and learn languages.

German for kids: Die Farben

Aprende y practica los colores en alemán:

die farben

die farben

¿Qué tal si empezamos con un video?

¿Listo? Selecciona el nombre del color que corresponde a la imagen. Haz clic en “Check” para ver si tus respuestas son correctas:

En este otro enlace tienes que escribir el nombre del color correctamente. En la parte de abajo vienen los caracteres que no tenemos en el teclado:

¿Te equivocaste en algunos? Vuelve a repasarlos con este video:




TOEFL iBT Listening Practice Sessions

Here are some great free practice listening sections. Remember to time yourself when answering, as timing is very important on the TOEFL iBT. Not sure about timing? Check out listening overview (toefl-ibt-listening overview) Answers to the following exercises can be found at the bottom of the page.

For this TOEFL iBT lesson, here are the questions:

Questions: 1. What does this TOEFL lecture mainly concern?

a) The archaeological record found in New England shipwrecks

b) The rules for a game that the students are going to play

c) The leading causes of shipwrecks off the coast of New England

d) The role of the State Archaeological Society

2. What is the main purpose of this discussion?

a) To compare regressive and progressive taxes

b) To explain the need fo a new sales tax

c) To discuss the concept of income tax

d) To contrast direct and indirect taxation

3. What is the main topic of this discussion?

a) Edward Hopper’s early career as a commercial artist

b) A style of movie making called film noir

c) Edward Hopper’s realistic, bleak style of painting

d) Edward Hopper’s influence on other painters


Here are questions 4-5:

4. What is the class mainly discussing?

a) Government regulation and self-regulation in the advertising industry

b) A court decision that affected advertising for children in Sweden

c) The problems that a ban on advertising caused the tobacco industry

d) A negative advertising campaign designed to prevent people from smoking

5. What is the main point of this lecture?

a) To compare the characters of Greek epic poetry and those of modern novels

b) To discuss why the professor enjoys the Iliad more than the Odyssey

c) To contrast the main characters of the Iliad and the main character of the Odyssey

d) To explain why the professor is going to have to change the syllabus

and 6-7

6. What is the main subject of this lecture?

a) The failures of the United Nations

b) The historical role of the League of Nations

c) The origins of World War II

d) The forgotten successes of the League of Nations

7. What is the main idea of this lecture?

a) Despite certain advantages, there are any problems involved in the use of hot dry rock technology.

b) Hot dry rock technology is too expensive to ever be used as a practical energy source.

c) The main purpose of hot dry rock technology is to provide pure, clean water.

d) hot dry rock is a potentially important alternative source of energy.




1. A
2. D
3. C

4. A
5. C

6. B
7. D










Die uhrzeit – Decir la hora en Alemán

Aquí les compartimos algunos enlaces para que practiquen cómo decir la hora en Alemán.

A continuación pueden consultar los videos que explican cómo decir la hora:

Grammar: Assessing Your Skills



  • Although grammar is not directly tested on the TOEFL iBT test, the effective use of a variety of basic and complex structures will raise your scores in the speaking and writing sections. In addition, the more solid your understanding of grammatical structures, the more successful you will be in comprehending the reading and listening passages and responding to the tasks. Thus, a good grasp of grammatical structures will improve your overall TOEFL score.
  • Follow the directions at each point below to get a good understanding of your knowledge of English grammar and what you need to work on.
  • Look at the Grammar Structures Checklist which can be downloaded here (grammar-checklist) It lists the key topics in English grammar that students need to have a good understanding of in order to be successful in English and perform well on the TOEFL iBT test. You can use this checklist to evaluate your understanding of grammar. You can also use it to keep track of your progress, or you can give it to an English speaker to help you check your English usage. Make extra copies of the checklist.
  • Use the following grammar quiz as a diagnostic tool. Some of the sentences contain an error. Other sentences are correct. Correct any errors that you find.

Example 1: Alpine meadows are a tranquil sight. ______________________________________

Example 2: Elderly sometimes need special care.

________The elderly______________________

  • The first sentence is correct. For the second sentence, you should write The before the word elderly because the is needed when an adjective is used as a noun. You could also correct this sçntence by writing Elderly people.

The following test is also downloadable by clicking the link (Grammar Diagnostic online)

1. A laser cane, which the blind find useful, sends out beams that detecting obstacles.

2. In 1918, Charles Strite invented the timer that turns off the toaster when the bread is toasted.

3. The most convincing evidence that female chimpanzees in Tanzania use the aspilia plant for medicinal purposes.

4. When adults come to night classes eager to learn has been the experience of most adult-education teachers.

5. A vending machine is a kind of robot that automatically give out candy or other items when money is inserted.

6. Apprentices sometimes fear that they must not be able to master the intricacies of their chosen craft.

7. The importance of the Chaco Canyon archaeological site is that they reveals insights into a whole civilization.

8. Arched roofs were built for a first time 2,500 years ago.

9. Because of financial restrictions, some schools cannot contemplate to stay abreast of advances in modern technology.

10. Birds that breed on high cliffs have pear-shaped eggs that roll in a tight circle. However, that makes them somewhat less likely to roll off the cliff.

11. Botulism spores, which bees carry from certain kinds of plants, have been found in jars of honey.

12. Butterfly wings have iridescent scales consist of thin, interlaced layers.

13. China’s first emperor was buried surrounded by 7,000 life-sized clay figures of soldiers standing in battle formation along by life-sized ceramic chariots.

14. Christopher Columbus persuaded the Spanish monarchs Isabel and Fernando financing his expeditions to the Caribbean.

15. East Coker is where the Anglo-American poet T. S. Eliot buried in 1965.

16. Even though the team of scientists encounter snow and strong winds, they continued their excavation.

17. Every four years the International Olympic Committee selects that city will hold the next games.

18. Filming a wild animal in its habitat requires meticulous preparation, unending patience, and, at times, one must be courageous.

19. George Gershwin gathered motifs for his folk opera Porgy and Bess while lived in Charleston.

20. Having first domesticated for milk production, sheep were then used for wool.

21. John Wesley Hyatt discovered plastics by accident while cooking up a recipe for making the billiard ball.

22. Lucid dreamers are those people who recognize when they are dreaming and thus controlling the plot of their dreams.

23. Many traditional attitudes and value seem to be disappearing under the pressure of global media.

24. Marine excavation is a race against time, the sea, and the looters who want history’s treasures for themselves.

25. Mice aren’t really more attracted to cheese as they are to grains.

26. Monteverdi, who works were mainly written on commission for the private theaters of wealthy Italian nobility, wrote his final opera in 1642.

27. Most pioneers walked across the continent than rode in wagons or on horses.

28. when immersed in liquid oxygen, a magnet’s pulling power is intensified.

29. Mount Rainier towers nearly three miles along sea level.

30. NASA does not quarantine space crews since returning astronauts have carried no harmful agents or living organisms.

31. Postwar women had mote opportunities to find the work than they had had in the prewar days.

32. Natural oils taken from the rose and the jasmine flower are valuable ingredients of perfume.

33. New Orleans is a city which older traditions can still be seen.

34. Not until the early nineteenth century was the modern notion of the atom formulated. 35. Of all salmon species, the king salmon is the rare.

36. Only if packages are labeled properly sufferers will be able to avoid severe allergic reactions.

37. Political researchers have explained why female candidates have a difficult time raising campaign money.

38. Putrefy is caused by bacteria and not by a chemical process.

39. The diary of Samuel Pepys contains eyewitness descriptive of the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London.

40. When a hive becomes overcrowded, a swarm of bees will search for a new home.

41. Scientists must be willing to change their position when confronted with new and conflicting data as is this openness to change that allows scientific progress to be made.

42. Scissors, a Bronze Age invention remained basically unchanged to this day, consist of two blades linked by a C-shaped spring.

43. Since the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA, geneticists have made great advances in the knowledge of life at a molecular levei.

44. When telephones were first invented, many business owners refused to have them installed in their offices because were messenger services that they believed to be more efficient.

45. Sixteenth-century mariners called Bermuda the “Isle of Devils” partly because breeding seabirds are making horrid sounds in the night.

46. Small animals can survival the desert heat by finding shade during the daytime.

47. So incredible explorer John Colter’s descriptions were of the Yellowstone area that people didn’t believe in its existence.

48. Public lands in many parts of the West may be overgrazed as cattle, sheep, and wildlives compete for forage.

49. Studies into the effects of music suggest that it can serve as a type of drug which regulates behavior.

50. Swimmers should avoid to enter ocean areas contaminated by red tide organisms.

51. That Thomas Hardy used real locations in his novels is disguised by his having altered place names.

52. The great stone city Angkor flourished for six centuries so that it fell in 1431 and lay prey to the jungle for four long centuries.

53. The largest known gathering of bald eagles anywhere is on the Chilkat River.

54. When llamas were first brought into the Colorado wilderness, no one could have predicted how popularly the animal would become.

55. The more technical today’s world becomes, the most compatible with both humans and machines language needs to be.

56. Though capable of walking upright, apelike Australopithecus did so only for short periods of time.

57. Today, carpet refers to floor coverings that reach from wall to wall, and therefore, rug refers to a piece of material that covers only one section of the floor.

58. What we will already learn about tornadoes has contributed to reducing the casualty rates.

59. Silk has been woven into luxurious tapestries, rugs, clothes, and accessories for some 4,000 years.

60. While large numbers of eagles have long nested in national parks, only recently the birds generating outside curiosity.

  • Evaluating your knowledge of grammar

Use the downloadable answer key (Grammar diagnostic answer key)  to check your answers to the diagnostic test. Have a fresh copy of the Grammar Structures Checklist ready. For each answer that you got wrong — whether you corrected the wrong part of a sentence, corrected a sentence that had no errors, or did not correct a sentence that had an error — identify the grammar structure involved and check it off on your checklist as something that you need to work on. Make a check for every error. It is okay to check the same grammar structure more than once.

Compare your Grammar self-assessment checklist with your diagnostic test. Answer the questions below.

1. Are there any areas that I checked as problem areas on my self-assessment but that I did correctly on the diagnostic quiz? ______________________________________________________________


2. Are there any areas that I checked as problem areas on my self-assessment and that the diagnostic quiz also showed to be problem areas?______________________________________________________


3. Are there any areas that I considered myself knowledgeable in on my self-assessment but that the diagnostic quiz showed to be problem areas?______________________________________________________


4. How often did I identify a correct sentence as being wrong?______________________________________________________


5. How often did I recognize that a sentence was incorrect but not know why it was incorrect?______________________________________________________


6. What patterns of difficulty in my understanding of English grammar structures do I see in my analysis?______________________________________________________


Plan a strategy for improving your grammar skills.

1. People who can help me analyze my use of English grammar structures in speaking and writing using the checklist:


2. The structures I can use confidently are:


3. The structures I need to work on are:


4. What I am going to do to improve and how I am going to do it:


5. How I am going to evaluate my progress: