Here are some suggestions on how to use the SALC to practice and learn languages.

SALC - Here are some suggestions on how to use the SALC to practice and learn languages.


Cuando hagas tus horas de SALC, prueba con nuevas actividades.

Termina tus 4 horas de SALC al 30 de noviembre de 2012.

  • What do you mean with “self-access”?

A system which makes materials available to language learners so that they can choose to work as they wish, usually without a teacher or with very limited teacher support

  • What is a Self-Access Center?

The SALC is a place where students can individualize their language learning and develop autonomous learning skills, where the learner is totally responsible of his/her own learning.

  • Why should I go to the SALC?

It will enable you to learn in your own time, and to develop language skills for the real world.

  • Who is the SALC for?

For any person who wants to learn and practice a language.

  • What can I do here?

You can learn at your own pace towards your own objectives, in any way you decide according to your own needs and preferences.

  • What languages do you give support to?

English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

  • How can I learn?

You can learn using any (or all) the main language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

  • What materials can I use to learn?

We have books, internet, interactive CDs, movies, magazines, specially made activities, conversation corner cards, and integrated skills tasks, among many others.

  • Who can help me?

We have expert teachers giving counseling for any student willing to learn. Just ask!

  • When are you open?

From 7 am to 8:30 pm weekdays, and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

Only if you want the assistance of one of our counselors, and for the Conversation Corner. If you are ready to work by yourself, just come and visit us any time you want.

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