Early Childhood Principal

Gina Herrera

Early Childhood Vice Principal

Brenda Rodríguez

Early Childhood Counselor

Viridiana Hernández

SEP Director

Ludivina Perales

Early Childhood Section Assistant

Clara Sánchez


Toddlers A Homeroom Teacher

Daniela White

Toddlers B Homeroom Teacher

Martha López

Toddlers C Homeroom Teacher

Cecilia Morales

Toddlers A Teacher Assistant

Teresa Ortíz

Toddlers C Teacher Assistant

Patricia Rodriguez


     Pre-Kinder 1
PK1 A Homeroom Teacher

Elizabeth Hernández

PK1 B Homeroom Teacher

Marilyn Vargas

PK1 C Homeroom Teacher

Viridiana López

PK1 D Homeroom Teacher

Mireya Espinosa

PK1 A Teacher Assistant

Paulina Mendoza

PK1 B Teacher Assistant

Gabriela López

PK1 D Teacher Assistant

Ma. Fernanda Solano

     Pre-Kinder 2
PK2 A Homeroom Teacher

Alheli Pérez

PK2 B Homeroom Teacher

Eugenia Fuentes

PK2 C Homeroom Teacher

Ana Laura Fuentes

PK2 A Teacher Assistant

Martha Madero

PK2 B Teacher Assistant

Ma. Fernanda Bolado

PK2 C Teacher Assistant

Valentina García


Kinder A Homeroom Teacher

Olga Ortíz

Kinder B Homeroom Teacher

Dolores Vilchis

Kinder C Homeroom Teacher

Fabiola Organista

Kinder A Teacher Assistant

Mariana González

Kinder B Teacher Assistant

Paulina Laddaga

Kinder C Teacher Assistant

Nallely Escudero


Early Childhood Spanish Teacher

Lucía Pérez


Early Childhood Technology Teacher

Martha Castillo


PE Teacher & Gymnastics Coach

Rubí Rábago

PE Teacher & Soccer Coach

Francisco Solis


Music Teacher

Gloria Gómez


Early Childhood Nurse

Dania Karina Nava

Early Childhood Nurse

Mayran Maura


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