Parent Teacher Association

What Does the PTA Do?
The PTA is a dynamic group of dedicated parents and teachers who work together to enhance the educational experience of our students. They organize and support a wide range of activities and initiatives, including:

Advocacy: The PTA serves as a platform for parents and teachers to voice their concerns and ideas, ultimately contributing to school policies and decisions.

Holiday Celebrations: The PTA adds a touch of magic to ATS by decorating memorable holiday events. From Halloween to Christmas, they create festive atmospheres that make these celebrations truly special.

Why Are They Important?
The PTA at ATS is more than just a parent-teacher organization; it's a cornerstone of our educational community. Here's why the PTA is invaluable:

Strengthening Collaboration: By bringing parents and teachers together, the PTA fosters open lines of communication, encouraging collaboration in the best interests of our students.

Building Relationships: ATS is not just a school; it's a family. The PTA's events and activities strengthen relationships, making our school a warm and welcoming place for all.

The PTA is an integral part of ATS, reflecting our commitment to a caring and accountable community. We invite all parents and teachers to get involved, contribute their ideas, and be part of this incredible force for positive change in our school. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our students.

Join us today and be a part of the ATS PTA family!


A massive thank you to our PTA for an incredible Children’s Day celebration on April 30th! We’ll be sharing posts of the amazing event they organized for our Early Childhood and Elementary students. Your hard work and dedication made this day truly special for every child. We are profoundly grateful.


Celebrating Teachers' Day with love and appreciation!On Monday May 13th, the PTA treated our team to delicious coffee and pastries , even delivering to classrooms to ensure no one missed out. If that wasn't sweet enough on Wednesday May 15th, they organized a fantastic lunch with chilaquiles, coffee, pastries, yogurt, and jamaica water, thanks to Lindero Universidad.Volunteers made sure everyone enjoyed the feast. The beautiful backdrop created by students on Children's Day added a special touch. Thank you to our amazing PTA and volunteers for making these days so memorable!

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