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Dear Parents,

The American School of Tampico libraries are vibrant hubs of knowledge, dedicated to empowering students as critical thinkers and conscientious learners, ready to navigate the challenges of the 21st century. We're not just about books; our libraries are dynamic learning landscapes where resources, skills, and technology merge to inspire minds and ignite curiosity.

Our library media specialists are passionate educators, working hand-in-hand with teachers to enrich the school's curriculum and instructional goals. They are dedicated to teaching students the art of information literacy, helping them harness the power of technology and develop a lifelong love for literature.

The ATS libraries are more than collections of books; they are gateways to worlds of learning. Our carefully curated collection supports the diverse curriculum and acts as a springboard for students and teachers alike, providing a treasure trove of materials that educate, captivate, and inform.

Our libraries are the heart of the school, promoting a spirit of cooperation across all sections and transforming the way our community engages with knowledge, culture, and technology. They are lively centers of learning where every book, every resource, and every interaction opens a door to new possibilities and adventures in learning. Warm Regards,

Timothy Walker


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