Mr. Robert A. Fleishman
Mr. Javier Garza García
Mrs. Lourdes Argüelles de Elizondo
Mr. Joaquín Madaria Alzaga
Mr. Gerardo Villaseñor Montes
The Board of Trustees, formally known as the General Members Assembly of The American School of Tampico Civil Association, is the Association’s supreme legal authority.

The Board of Trustees approves the annual budget and appoints members to the Board of Directors. They are the only ones who have the power and authority to consent any and all acts of ownership.

The Board of Trustees is composed by Mr. Robert A. Fleishman, President, Javier Garza García, Lourdes Argüelles de Elizondo, Joaquín Madaria Alzaga and Gerardo Villaseñor Montes.

Hidalgo #100, Tancol, C.P. 89320
Tampico, Mexico
833 2 27 20 80 to 84

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