Athletic Director's Message

Dear Parents:
Welcome to the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. May it be a new start filled with opportunities and learning.

In the Physical Education Program, activities are carried out with the purpose of stimulating and enhancing the abilities and skills of our students according to their respective ages.

In the Extracurricular Sports Program, activities have been designed for our students to fully develop their athletic skills. These skills will be achieved through a well-measured training regimen, allowing them to proudly represent "the Marlins of the American School of Tampico."

I bid farewell to you, expressing gratitude for the trust you place in us for the development of our programs, enabling us to achieve the goals we have planned for this school year.

Fernando Escobar
Athletic Director


Participating in sports helps in developing a sense of camaraderie and belonging among students, enhancing their social interaction and emotional well-being. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle, instilling habits that can lead to lifelong fitness and wellness. Furthermore, our program integrates elements of mental and strategic thinking, aligning with our goal of nurturing well-rounded individuals.

By incorporating a diverse range of sports and physical activities, we aim to cater to the varied interests of our students, ensuring that each student finds a physical activity they enjoy and can excel in. Ultimately, our Physical Education Program is more than just a means to stay active; it's a vital part of our educational ethos that contributes significantly to the growth and development of young minds



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