Elementary Principal

Katie St. Hilaire

Elementary Vice Principal

Tatiana Cardín

SEP Director

Ludivina Perales

Elementary Counselor

Griselda Galicia

Elementary Counselor

Carolina Elizondo

Elementary Section Assistant

Cynthia Sánchez

SEP Director Assistant

Ma. del Carmen Cruz


     1st Grade
1st A Homeroom Teacher

Patricia Rodríguez

1st B Homeroom Teacher

Esmeralda Castillo

1st C Homeroom Teacher

Luisa Martínez

1st A Assistant Teacher

Gabriela Cristo

1st B Assistant Teacher

Krishna Lopez

1st C Assistant Teacher

Jessica Borbolla


     2nd Grade
2nd A Homeroom Teacher

Paola Zapata

2nd B Homeroom Teacher

Myrna Martínez

2nd C Homeroom Teacher

Lucirene Arcelus

2nd A Assistant Teacher

Rosalyne Muñoz

2nd B Assistant Teacher

Manuel Garcia

2nd C Assistant Teacher

Vanessa Juarez


     3th Grade
3rd A Homeroom Teacher

Ana Laura Fernández

3rd B Homeroom Teacher

Sandra Suarez

3rd C Homeroom Teacher

Anisa Ordorica

3rd D Homeroom Teacher

Fernanda Deloarte

3rd A and B Assistant Teacher

Mayte Báez

3rd C and D Assistant Teacher

Estefania Razo


     4th Grade
4th A Homeroom Teacher

Iliana Aguilar

4th B Homeroom Teacher

Alexis Lavoie

4th C Homeroom Teacher

Irma Garza

4th Grade Assistant Teacher

Montserrat Cavazos


     5th Grade
5th A Homeroom Teacher

Carolina Casillas

5th B Homeroom Teacher

Eli Israel Contreras

5th C Homeroom Teacher

Kimberly Moses

5th A and B Assistant Teacher

Daniela Gutierrez

5th C and D Assistant Teacher

Tannia Manautou


1st Grade Spanish Teacher

Diana Pérez

2nd Grade Spanish Teacher

Martha Holguera

3rd Grade Spanish Teacher

Patricia De León

4th Grade Spanish Teacher

Lorena Montiel

5th Grade Spanish Teacher

Rosalía Mendoza


Educational Technology Leader

Silvia Ocampo

Elementary Robotics Teacher

Tania Siguenza


     Book Room Manager
Book Room Manager

Melissa Knight


Elementary & Middle School Nurse

Maria Antonieta Rodríguez


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