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"Employing innovative methodologies from exemplary institutions and expert-developed resources. Care2Connect aims to promote a fulfilling work-study environment for the whole community at The American School of Tampico to thrive, focusing on the socioemotional needs of all."

In other words, Care2Connect's goal is to promote a healthy environment for students in which they can feel comfortable and good while also being able to work hard whenever needed through the implementation of expert-approved methods.

The board members of the organization are:

Santiago Lombardi as General Director.

The general director is in charge of overseeing all of the organization's structures and processes to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently while also promoting a more conjoined work effort.

Alessandra Pintado as Empathy Director.

The empathy director is in charge of overseeing any empathy-related aspects of the organization to foster that value in students.

Arianne Galnares as Mental Health Director.

The mental health director is in charge of promoting and raising awareness of good mental health and is the person in charge of the mental health division of Care2Connect.

José Antonio Gutierrez as Social-Emotional Director.

The social-emotional director is the person responsible for spreading the message and promoting the ideals of being a socially and emotionally healthy student in addition to carrying out the activities of the organization related to this field.

Laura Ramos as Overview Manager.

The overview manager is the bridge between the secretary and the publicist. The person in this role checks out and works on whatever is needed in the roles of secretary and publicist.

Dana Vargas as Secretary.

The secretary is in charge of writing the meetings and taking attendance. This role makes sure that a lot of the logistics are carried out appropriately.

Alejandra de la Garza as Publicist.

The publicist is in charge of taking pictures of the events, editing the pictures, and uploading them to Care2Connect's own Instagram page.


Ms. Maria De Jesus Ponce


Ms. Mariola Pintado

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