Fine Arts Coordinator's Message

Dear parents:

The Performing Arts department welcomes you to this school year. We are excited and prepared to provide our students, from preschool to high school, with experiences of approach, appreciation and practice in arts that complement their comprehensive education.

Arts in school life are of great importance in each different stage of development of our students, since it encourages them to work with discipline but also opens spaces for freedom of the imagination and development and exercise of creativity.

Our academic program complies with the NCAS (National Core Arts Standards) thus guaranteeing competitive education and academic quality without losing alignment with the primary purpose of arts, to be a mechanism for the search, construction and expression of ourselves, as well as of the creation of bridges for interpersonal communication and interaction with our community.

During this cycle we will offer musical initiation in preschool, where students will begin to establish a bond with music. In elementary school, the rotating arts program begins and the students have the opportunity to experience each discipline: Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Musical instruments and Singing. In high school, the rotary system continues, also enriched with Percussion. In high school, the 9th- grade students stay all year in one discipline that they have chosen or are assigned. While students from 10th to 12th, have elective subjects such as Band, Dance, Drama, Drawing and Painting.

We also offer extracurricular activities to reinforce and develop the artistic interests of our students and, of course, the invitation to participate in our annual show, which is always the proof and result of continuous training and exposure to arts, generating a pleasant display of talents.

The practice of artistic disciplines broadens the range of learning, stimulating specific areas of the brain that reinforce cognitive abilities, but also promote a positive relationship with mental and emotional balance. Arts give us valuable moments of teamwork and recognition, strengthening ties and increasing the self-esteem of our students, and that is why we reiterate our commitment to our beautiful and valuable work.

Carolina Bringas

Carolina Bringas
Fine Arts Coordinator

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