Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are an exceptional group of students who are selected to promote and represent our school.

An ambassador provides prospective students and their families with an authentic representation of the ATS experience. They are positive, well-informed ambassadors, whose primary role is to make prospective students and their families feel welcome, informed, and excited about ATS in a multitude of ways.

Student Ambassadors are full-time students chosen from a very competitive applicant pool based on the merits of:

  • Academic achievement
  • Demonstrate interest to be involved with campus activities
  • Proven and potential leadership qualities
  • Knowledge about campus services and facilities


Santiago Martínez Palomares

Natalia Maraboto Martell

Sergio Martínez Lamazzi

Santiago Davila Villarreal

Valeria Guillemet Monteiro

Ari Elias Zamora Martínez

Laura Lilia Ramos Gutierrez

Carlota Davila Villarreal

Jose Antonio Gutierrez Arnaud

Walter Emlio Licona Rodríguez

Regina Gutierrez Flores

Mariel Alessandra Medina

Maria Fernanda Perez Cisneros

Valentina Ornelas Cuadra


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