Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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Where is the school?
The school is located on Hidalgo 100, Col. Tancol Tampico, Mexico 89320
Do you teach children or adults?
We teach children, teenagers and adults.

How long does a course last?
Adult courses last 4 months. English courses for children and teens are one semester (five months) long. Please refer to our calendar.

What times do classes meet?
There are morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday classes, depending on the program. Please check Our Courses for more detailed information.

How long is a class session?
Most classes last 90 minutes. Classes that meet once a week last three hours.

How many students are in a group? Are the groups large?
Enrollment is limited to 15 students per class to allow for a comfortable learning environment.

What's your teaching method?
Classes are focused on giving students balanced instruction in oral expression, written expression, language structure, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

How many levels are there?
Courses range from beginner to advanced level, depending on the program. Levels for new students are determined by a placement exam.

How much are the courses?
Tuition varies according to your chosen program. Check Our Courses for more information.

What is the SAC?
SALC (Self-Access Learning Center) is a place where you can learn and practice languages independently. Please check our SALC page for information.

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